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Managing emotions during a custody dispute

If you are going through a dispute involving the custody of your children, our law firm completely understands the different concerns you may have and the stressors you may be facing. Whether you feel depressed, are extremely stressed out about what the future may hold or are losing sleep because you are unsure of how to handle your circumstances, custody disputes can be incredibly emotional. However, it is pivotal for you to focus on managing your emotions well. Unfortunately, some people have allowed negative emotions to interfere with their custody dispute, leading to a less favorable outcome.

Is joint-custody better for kids?

Parents who are separating or going through a divorce are often put to the difficult task of determining custody. While some people are able to negotiate child custody terms on their own, others must put the issue in the hands of a court-appointed judge. Although some people believe that sole-custody may be in the best interest of the children, studies show that joint-custody may be better for a child’s development.

Requesting monitored custody exchanges

While going through a divorce in Davie is certainly difficult, many of the clients that we here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC have worked with have seen this process free them from toxic (and in some cases, even abusive) relationships. If your relationship with your ex-spouse had reached such a point, then you may be relieved to have it behind you. That said, your relationship between him or her may be forced to continue if the two of you have children together. While you may be able to safely maintain your distance from your ex-spouse at most times, situations such as custody exchanges may force you to confront him or her in close quarters. 

The importance of fathers in a child’s development

When parents separate or file for divorce, they often create a parenting schedule to ensure their children are able to spend time with each parent. While many people in Florida and across the country believe that spending time with both parents is equally important, studies actually show how critical a fathers involvement in a child’s life is to their development. Not only does it affect their ability to do well in school, but it can improve their social, health and wellbeing.

The dangers of becoming a Disneyland dad

Parenting following a divorce in Plantation can be challenging, particularly for those whose custody has been limited by their divorce decrees. Most who are in this situation look for ways that they can maximize the time they have with their kids. Some allow this ambition to prompt them to fill their parenting time with activities and adventures, forsaking any rules and structure. In their minds, this essentially "buys" their children's continuing affection while painting the custodial parent as being mean and demanding. Yet these "Disneyland dads" often find that such a strategy does not lend itself to effective long-term parenting. 

Keeping children in mind during divorce

Divorce can be stressful for any Floridian, but for the average resident in particular, such a process can be mentally, physically and financially taxing. This is especially true for many who have children, as deciding child custody arrangements can take a considerable amount of time and dedication. Some parents refuse to accept court orders for visitation. Others abuse their privileges by keeping a child longer than permitted. Child custody tensions can open the door for extremely difficult times, but above all else, they can make matters worse for the children themselves. 

Sharing custody time on holidays

For divorced families, the holiday season can be difficult. Tensions between parents can often contribute to a toxic atmosphere that can spoil the festivities for all. Some might suggest that it is best to avoid such tension and only allow children to spend the holidays with one parent. Yet recent studies imply that line of thinking may be wrong. Research data shared by Time Magazine shows that kids who live and spend equal time with both parents report far fewer psychosomatic health problems than those who do not. 

The importance of grandparents after divorce

Children in Florida whose parents are going through a divorce need as much emotional support as they can get. While the majority of this support should come from their parents, other members of the immediate family should play a role as well. According to The Attached Family, grandparents may have enough positive influence on their grandchildren to help them minimize the onset of depression and other emotional struggles. However, in order to do so, grandparents must have the opportunity for regular contact so that a meaningful bond can develop.

How do I help my kids when my ex is uninvolved?

After you go through a divorce in Florida, it may be difficult to help your kids work through their painful emotions. The new living arrangements and family structure may be more complicated if your former spouse appears to be emotionally distant from the children and does not honor the visitation schedule. In those cases, your role as an involved parent may become even more vital to your children's recovery process.

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