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Common law marriage rights in Florida

Your decision to cohabitate with your romantic partner in Plantation rather than to marry is one that is becoming increasingly shared throughout the rest of the U.S. You may have a valid reason not to marry, yet you should also be aware that not doing so could deprive you and/or your partner of certain spousal rights (regardless of whether or not you consider him or her to be your spouse). Many have come to us here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC unaware of this fact (and only after having encountered a situation that revealed it). This may prompt you to ask whether Florida recognizes common law marriages at all. 

Adopting from foster care in florida

While many Floridians who are family planning are aware that adoption agencies exist in the state, not all are familiar with the process. Welcoming a foster child into a permanent family can be a joyous period of life, but also an overwhelming one. It can be difficult to help a new family member adapt to everyday routines; on top of the tedious process of adopting from foster care, new environments can seem daunting for a child. Nevertheless, adequate time and care can make that transition go all the smoother.

Visitation is a long battle for many grandparents

The potentially complex process of deciding child custody arrangements can leave Florida parents feeling broken and out of options. Yet grandparents often experience similar situations, in which they are led to believe they would see a grandchild grow up but instead are not allowed to see them at all.

Family feuds over ownership of double basses

Most in Plantation might assume that domestic disputes requiring legal intervention only occur between spouses. However, that is not always the case. Parents and children can end up feuding for years over the circumstances of a divorce. This may come as little surprise to some given that children are equally as affected by a separation as their parents are. Yet the hope is that the age-old adage of time healing all wounds will eventually overcome any issues related to the breakup of a family. Yet sometimes, it may only serve to open new ones. 

LGBT marriage rights: the continuing fight

In recent years, America has seen a progressive shift in LGBT rights, especially since the country’s legalization of same-sex marriage took place in 2015. While the gradual shift in favor of LGBT rights is certainly one worthy of celebrating in Florida, legal issues regarding same-sex marriage process has a long way to go.

Family law and back-to-school season

If your child will be returning to school in the fall, you may have a number of things on your mind. From buying clothes to helping your child adjust to his or her new schedule, back-to-school season can be quite stressful for parents and children alike. The Minaya Law Offices understands the various challenges that parents in Florida may face if they are working through these issues in addition to family law matters, such as child custody or even just dealing with the divorce process.

The basics of Florida child adoption

The rewards and improvement on overall quality of life are two of the countless benefits of adopting a child. Many Florida residents who seek to adopt a child may be wondering what details go into the process, and what legal guidelines apply. Courts can arrange adoptions in a number of ways, and the family law surrounding adoptions can differ depending on state.

The financial protections of a prenuptial agreement

Marriage is just the beginning of a close relationship. Couples can recognize deep emotional ties long before marrying, but saying "I do" brings new legal and financial considerations into the relationship. According to Business Insider, Millennials have more than $1 trillion in debt, much of it in the form of student loans. Do you want to be held responsible for your spouse's tuition debt?

Invalidating a prenuptial agreement in Florida

Couples in Plantation that are preparing to wed likely have their thoughts preoccupied with planning their weddings, and then their subsequent lives together. There is likely no place given in those plans for the potential for divorce. Yet for those who bring significant assets into their marriages, having a prenuptial agreement in place may be something to consider in the event that their relationships do end. Indeed, more and more couples appear to making this decision together, with the Wall Street Journal sharing that the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports a 63 percent increase in such agreements in recent years.

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