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Florida law presumes that when a married woman gives birth to a child, her husband is the father. But in real life, paternity is not always so clear. For one thing, the mother might not be married. Or more than one man may have reason to believe they are the child’s biological father and want to establish parental rights.

If you are caught up in a paternity dispute, you need experienced and practical legal guidance to help you protect your rights. At The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC, we have extensive experience representing all possible parties to a paternity matter, including mothers, putative fathers and potential biological fathers. We understand how sensitive a paternity dispute can be, and will handle your case compassionately and respectfully.

The Implications Of Paternity

When a child’s paternity is in doubt, it may be necessary to locate the alleged biological father. Or one or more men might come forward and claim to be the biological father. Once the man or men are identified and submit to DNA testing, we can determine who the child’s biological father is.

This has two important consequences. First, the biological father has the right to seek parental rights, including the right to shared child custody or parenting time. They can also obtain legal child custody, which is the right to participate in important decisions about the child’s upbringing.

From the child’s perspective, determining their biological father allows the mother to pursue child support payments to help improve the child’s quality of life. Depending on the father’s fitness as a parent, they might also benefit from having their love, guidance and emotional support in their lives. And knowing who the father is and their medical history can help the child’s doctors with their medical care.

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