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Guardian Ad Litem Services Work For Children In The Dependency System

Overwhelmed. There might not a better word to describe how you feel when you go through court proceedings. The situation becomes even more stressful when allegations of abuse, neglect or abandonment surface.

The Guardian Ad Litem program, managed through Florida’s Department of Children and Families, makes it less overwhelming for them. Attorney Roe Minaya from The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC, works for other attorneys, parents and judges who hire her for guardian ad litem services.

Hire Florida’s Former Assistant Attorney General To Work For You

Attorney Minaya was the Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida. She regularly litigated difficult family-related cases. As everyone knows, those cases can be extremely difficult for children. Sometimes, there are details – like abandonment, abuse and neglect – that make it even harder for them.

She took her experience in the Attorney General’s office into private practice as a family law attorney.  Many children do not understand what is happening. The Guardian Ad Litem brings someone to them who supports them, gives them a voice and helps them away from court.

In 35 years, over 200,000 children age 17 and younger, who are in the dependency system have been helped by the Guardian Ad Litem program. They might have to gather information from schools, pediatricians and others to make recommendations to the court.

How Can Our Guardian Ad Litem Services Help You?

People hire attorney Minaya for a variety of Guardian Ad Litem issues. She is frequently hired by:

  • With her extensive family law experience and her work in the Attorney General’s office, she has become a valuable advocate for children in their cases.
  • Parents in custody and visitation battles frequently hire her to make sure their children’s best interests are met. She makes recommendations that can influence the court’s decision.
  • If there is a contentious family issue that involves children, judges often appoint her as a guardian ad litem. When they need someone, judges turn to attorney Minaya.

It Is Important To Work With Someone You Trust

Judges, attorneys and parents who need Guardian Ad Litem services in southern Florida reach out to attorney Minaya. She is a trusted advocate for children. Call our Plantation offices at 954-526-9092 or visit our contact page.


“Very impressed with Ms. Minaya. She found a practical and creative solution to my complicated legal problem. She took the time to understand my situation and put together a solution that was effective and efficient, avoiding expensive court proceedings. I would recommend to my friends without hesitation. Reasonable fees and excellent work.”
J. V. Client

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