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Your home and mortgage in a divorce

When getting divorced, many spouses in Florida want desperately to stay in their homes. Some wish for this for the benefit of providing stability to their children during a time filled with so many other changes. This is certainly a reasonable desire for a legitimate purpose but it may not necessarily be in a person's best interest financially to do this.

How can I help my child adjust to adoption?

Families in Florida looking to expand their home to a child in need may choose to adopt. When adopting toddlers or older kids, adoptive families should take certain steps to create a smoother transition into their homes. This is especially true when adopting children from overseas, who may find adapting to their new environment extremely rough. Parents magazine offers the following advice in this case, which will ensure your child feels comfortable.

What are the benefits of same-sex marriage?

Since 2015, same-sex couples around the country, including Florida, are now able to marry and enjoy all the rights granted to their opposite-sex counterparts. However, if you and your partner are considering getting married, you may still have some confusion about what those rights entail and what benefits the two of you stand to gain if you get married. 

Family law challenges and job loss

When it comes to family law challenges, there are many different hurdles that people may have to work through both during and after their divorce. Moreover, these issues may also have an impact on their lives in other ways, some of which positive and some of which are negative. For example, someone’s job may be affected by family law matters they are facing in a number of ways.

How can I choose a guardian for my child?

When thinking about the future, selecting a guardian for your minor child can seem daunting. Along with the unpleasantness of the task, you may feel overwhelmed when faced with choosing a suitable guardian considering the gravity of the situation. In order to make the process a bit easier to manage, Parenting offers the following advice.

Frequently asked questions about adoption

If you’re considering adopting a child in Florida, it’s natural that you’ll have many questions. Bringing a new child into your home is an extensive process to ensure that both you and the child are happy with the arrangement. The following are a few frequently asked questions about adoption, which will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Protecting assets after marriage with a postnuptial agreement

Engaged couples in Florida usually spend much of their time dreaming and planning their wedding and honeymoon, but do not spend much time talking about finances and future situations. In fact, the thought of drafting a prenuptial agreement seems laughable for many, especially in the happy months leading up to saying 'I do.' However, once the honeymoon phase has passed and real life kicks in, thinking about the future may become more of a focus. It is in these times when a postnuptial agreement may be discussed.

How to Help You Child Understand Divorce

When it comes to divorce, many kids hold out hope that their parents will one day reunite. This hope can be emotionally damaging, especially when both parents begin pursuing relationships with other people. While you can take away the hurt your child is experiencing as a result of you divorce, you can help him or her to understand that the process is truly final (which is the first step to accepting the new family dynamic). Parenting Magazine offers advice on how to explain this to your kids. 

The importance of honesty in prenuptial agreements

The act of composing a Florida prenuptial agreement should be an open and honest process for both spouses-to-be, which includes making sure that the prenup lists whatever assets that are owned by the spouses. A CNBC piece recommends that spouses reveal on their prenups what they currently possess and what they may acquire if they know about it. Trouble can arise when one or both individuals do not list their assets accurately.

Estate considerations following divorce

There are certain activities in life that Davie residents likely plan on only having to do once. Getting married and writing one's will would like fall on that list. However, divorce may often rend moot the former; indeed, information shared by the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics shows that as recently as 2016, 79,677 divorces occurred in the state. The question then becomes what affect (if any) does divorce have on the latter? 

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