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Covering your kids' healthcare costs

As you prepare for your divorce in Davie, your thoughts will inevitably turn to the continued care and support of your kids. Many in your same situation have come to us here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC asking who is responsible for their children's medical expenses. The answer to that question depends on the unique circumstances of your case. 

Modifying a child support obligation

A thought may exist in the minds of many in Davie that child support is a method through which an embittered divorcee can get back at his or her ex-spouse. Child support is not meant to be punitive; rather, it is to ensure that the children that a divorced couple shares have sufficient resources to meet their needs. Yet such resources can only be provided when they are available to the one obliged to pay them. If and when a parent obligated to pay his or her child support sees his or her circumstances change, he or she can petition to have the agreement modified. 

License check reveals arrest warrant for unpaid child support

There may be a number of misconceptions that many in Davie may share about the payment of child support. The first may be that it is only owed by divorced dads. The truth is that women can be ordered to pay child support just as easily as men. In Florida, the non-custodial parent (whether that be the mom or the dad) is required to pay a portion of a family's basic child support obligation based upon his or her contribution to the net monthly income shared between the two parents. Another misconception about child support is that those who owe it can easily get away with not paying it. 

Do child support obligations end with high school graduation?

Child support can be confusing in Florida. One false step and you can end up in serious debt. You not only owe your child money but you can get into a situation where you owe fees and fines to the state. That is why it is essential to stay on top of your child support payments. However, you are not likely to pay forever. At some point, your obligation ends, but when is that?

Quitting work may cause imputed income for child support purposes

Many divorcing parents in Florida who have children are typically aware that there will most likely be a child support order issued by the court at some point in time. Most parents want to properly support their children and comply with the state’s law for doing so. There are, however, times when a parent unwisely decides to stop working with the hope of escaping a child support order.

Felony charge awaits man who refused to pay child support

Most in Davie likely understand that fulfilling a child support obligation is very serious. Those who fail to do it could face potentially serious criminal penalties, including jail time as well as being required to pay fees and restitution on top of their arrears. Yet the perception might be out there that the criminal penalties one may face for failing to pay child support are relatively minor. Those who subscribe to this assumption may be shocked to find out that is not the case. 

Child support guidelines and resources

Child support, in legal terms, is a topic of family law that determines the payment parents must make for the financial security of a child, usually after a divorce or separation. Florida uses what is called an income shares model, or a system that holds that a child should receive the same level of income that he or she would have received if the two parents lived together.

Can your ex's wages be garnished to collect child support?

The end of your marriage may not necessarily signal the end of your association with your spouse, particularly if the two of you have children together in Davie. You likely will continue to have to work together to raise and support your kids, with both of you contributing a good deal of your resources to their care. Oftentimes, negative feelings that exist between ex-spouses can prompt one to try and get back at the other by not fulfilling his or her parental obligations (including missing child support payments). The question is what recourse is available to you if your ex follows this same pattern.

Florida child support basics

Dissolving your marriage in Florida can be difficult, but one of the most stressful factors may be determining child support. Parents may be able to better prepare for the court’s decision if they understand the basics of the state’s child support laws. We at The Minaya Law Offices not only fight for your rights, but also strive to help you understand what those rights are.

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