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Courtroom behavior can influence outcome

There is no question that divorce is an emotional subject. Many couples enter the divorce process confused, angry and upset about a relationship that has them going to court. A dissolving or broken relationship, the stress of a major life change and challenge of court is a whirlwind of activity and it can bring out powerful feelings.

Same-sex divorce in Florida

When a federal judge overturned Florida’s ban on same-sex marriages in 2015, it also opened the door for couples wishing to be apart. Many couples had married in other states, and as divorce statistics don’t discriminate, there were couples here in Florida waiting to divorce.

New year means new state laws for couples divorcing with children

Couples divorcing in Florida have a new state law to take into consideration as they proceed with their plan to dissolve a marriage. The goal of the 2018 family law mandates is to bring unified decision making based on the best interest of the child. The law will impact time-sharing (custody) agreements, as well as revising the payment process for child support. These changes come as a result of years of deliberation within the area of family law. The plan put forth expects to help legally separated or divorcing parents, manage the new changes ahead.

Cheating is not the top cause of divorce. Surprised?

We have all seen that movie where we cannot wait to see the cheating spouse get caught. The Hollywood portrayal of divorce often showcases infidelity as one of the leading explanations as to why marriages come to an end. While reasons can vary from couple to couple, communication breakdown is the most common cause of divorce--and is a widely prevalent theme in most of the other reasons that lead a marriage to end.

Ways To Help Your Kids Adjust To Visitation

Children are better adjusted if they have parenting time with each parent. If your ex-spouse states discouragement that visits aren't going so well, brainstorm together about what could be done to improve the situation. Toys and entertaining activities may pacify a child for a time, but continuity between both houses can give your children the structure they need to feel secure. It is hard work to craft a visitation routine that works, but the effort will benefit your children immensely.

“Gray divorce” trend continues

While overall divorce rates have remained relatively stable for years now, the dissolution rate for one demographic group has steadily risen – people over 50. Pew Research reports that the divorce rate for that age group has doubled since 1990 (now there are an average of 10 divorcing couples for every 1,000 married people, up from just five in 1990).

How to bring up a prenuptial agreement with your partner

A number of people in happy relationships are interested in setting up a prenuptial agreement, but are worried how their partner will react. Wanting a prenuptial agreement does not mean that you are planning on divorce; instead, it removes uncertainty, and can protect both of your interests.

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