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How to approach your child dependency case

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Blog, Child Support

Courts must act when they detect neglect or abuse of a child. Since their decisions determine the safety of a minor, their analyses tend to be hasty.

In some instances, parents who lose custody are innocent. They may be capable of providing a loving and stable environment for their offspring. Convincing a judge to reverse a custodial decision that is not in your favor remains a tall order. A dependency professional can represent you and help you through this difficult challenge.

Ask for help

Do not divulge the details of your case with anyone other than your legal representative. That said, friends and family can provide vital emotional support. The person whose shoulder you cry on should be someone who knows both of you. This individual may also be able to serve as a temporary monitor.

Be nice

Child Protective Services is going to interview you. Giving representatives an attitude is bound to have negative consequences. Treat social workers with the same respect that you would a police officer. Do not swear, and stay calm even in the face of accusations, regardless of veracity. Never admit guilt, no matter the situation. Statements suggesting culpability can only work against you.

Collect evidence

To the extent possible, gather proof you are a proper guardian. Deflect claims of physical abuse with photos showing otherwise. Arrange for courtroom testimony from your own set of psychologists and therapists.

Having little ones sent elsewhere to live is traumatic, but it is a reversible tragedy. Act wisely leading up to the trial determining whether custodianship remains yours.



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