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What not to post on social media during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Family Law

When your marriage fails, you may have feelings of anger, confusion and emotional exhaustion that you wish to share with friends and family via your preferred social networking platform.

Even if Facebook, Instagram or TikTok is your go-to outlet for self-expression, you should take care not to post specific details that could negatively affect the outcome of your divorce proceedings.

Disparaging comments about your ex

Sharing reproachful information about your ex online feels good in the moment but ultimately paints you as a petty and vindictive person. Additionally, if you are battling for custody and visitation rights, your former spouse can use your angry comments to question your parenting skills in front of the court. If you need to vent about your situation, a good therapist can help you feel better while protecting your family’s privacy.

Questionable parenting decisions

If your Florida divorce is contentious, you should assume your ex is monitoring your social media for signs of instability to gain an advantage during custody disputes. Photos of you drinking with friends or going to a concert when your children are in your care can become evidence of careless parenting.

Flashy highlights of your new relationship

The legal process sometimes takes a while, and you may be ready to move on long before your divorce is final. Even if you feel excited about your new relationship, flaunting it online before you are officially single can backfire during settlement negotiations and custody decisions.

Social media plays an important role in human communication, but it is essential to understand the legal consequences of posting untimely and insensitive content.



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