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How to handle co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Family Law

When emotions are high during the process of your divorce, the idea of co-parenting with your ex may feel daunting. By refocusing your thoughts and understanding that the co-parenting arrangements benefit your children, you will see that a healthy, cooperative parenting dynamic can still happen with your former partner.

Looking over online resources, reading books, enrolling in parenting classes and looking to the following tips will all boost your abilities in how you handle co-parenting.

1. Establish firm boundaries.

If possible, talk with the other parent and brainstorm boundaries that will benefit the co-parenting relationship. For example, respecting time with the other parent by not calling your children frequently while they are with your ex.

2. Do not let emotions cloud your parenting.

Your emotional needs come second place when dealing with matters involving your children. No matter the resentment, anger and hurt you still harbor from the end of your marriage, remember that co-parenting is about your child’s wellbeing and stability. Instead, talk with a therapist or loved one when you need to vent about your ex-spouse.

3. Utilize effective communication methods.

To communicate with the other parent effectively and maturely, you can attempt to incorporate the following:

  • Show restraint and do not overreact
  • Commit to communicating frequently
  • Focus your conversations on the children
  • Relax and remain neutral
  • Communicate in a business-like manner

Overall, aim to parent with your ex consistently so you establish a similar set of expectations for your children, no matter the household. Utilizing basic manners and staying considerate will take you a long way in your co-parenting journey.



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