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Divorce can lead to parenting problems

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Family Law

Divorces are difficult for the whole family. The changing dynamics between the parents also mean big adjustments in their children’s lives. Therefore, the ex-spouses need to remain loving and present and work hard to avoid the top parenting problems that arise post-divorce. 

1. Letting the children decide

If parents get in the habit of allowing the children to decide what they want, they might end up causing the children more grief. When the children are the decision-makers, they may worry that they are hurting one parent over the other. 

2. Living far apart

Parents living far apart from one another may lead to children becoming cranky during long rides and resenting the times when they need to switch to the other parent’s house. Living a more reasonable distance away from one another can make spontaneous family time more possible and overall ease stress. 

3. Not being aware of emotions

Parents need to monitor their own behaviors and emotions around their children as their words and actions have a great impact on young minds. Parents are a behavioral model for their children, so constantly sulking or talking badly about the other parent can worsen the young ones’ mental health. 

Parents should be on the lookout for signs of declining mental health such as depression, aggression or other concerning behaviors. 

4. Not working with professionals

Counselors, therapists, attorneys and other trained professionals may serve as a support system to the family as the parents navigate being newly divorced. Parenting is difficult at any point in life, so seeking extra help is commendable and may minimize mistakes leading to devastating consequences such as the state taking the child. 

Overall, awareness of common post-divorce parenting problems may help parents promote healthier bonds with their children and avoid long-term issues. 



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