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How do you know when your marriage can’t be saved?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Family Law

The decision to divorce isn’t one that is easy. In fact, some people put it off as long as they can before they approach the subject. If you are considering putting an end to your marriage, you need to look for signs that it is truly over so that you can find your answer.

Think about the good and the bad of the marriage. Don’t let your current feeling cloud your thoughts. Instead, make a list of the good and the bad. If you see that there are more bad points, it might be time to bid adieu to the union.

Pay attention to your fantasies. If you are thinking about a life without your spouse more than you are making plans for a life with them, your time as a married person might be coming to an end.

Consider the way you and your ex are handling disagreements. Having negative defense mechanisms or being unable to work through even the tiniest issues could mean that the marriage can’t be saved. You might also realize that you don’t want to remain married if you are the only one who is trying to solve marital problems. You and your spouse should work as a teamm and not having this happen can lead to serious issues.

If you think that there is still some hope that your marriage can be saved, you should sit down and talk to your spouse. However, it might be perfectly clear that you are done and ready to file. While this will also require you to speak to your spouse, you should approach this conversation with a more steadfast demeanor because you don’t want to give them false hope.



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