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Am I eligible for an annulment?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2019 | Family Law

While an annulment also ends a marriage, the process is quite different when compared to much more common divorces. As a result, it’s crucial that people seeking annulments have the right information going into the process to ensure it’s a good option for them. Very Well Mind explains some of the common reasons people seek out an annulment over a divorce. 

In order to be eligible for annulment, one must cite specific legal grounds. Unlike a divorce, which simply dissolves a marriage, an annulment renders the union null and void. This is usually because one or both parties were not privy to certain information that would have prevented the marriage from taking place. Sometimes it may be a legal issue. For example, if a person was already married at the time he or she married another, the subsequent wedding would be illegal. 

Of course, there are many other valid reasons why a person may seek out an annulment. Both spouses must be a certain age to legally become married. If one or both is underage at the time of their wedding, their marriage is not considered valid in the eyes of the law. Being drunk or intoxicated by drugs at the time of the marriage is also grounds for an annulment since one or both parties could claim they weren’t in their right mind to make the decision. 

One or both spouses may have hidden important information from the other, information which would have influenced the decision to get married. This could be a child from a previous relationship, a past criminal history, or an inability to conceive children. A person could also claim that he or she was forced or somehow tricked into the marriage, which would also render the union illegal. 



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