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Newlyweds and contentious family law issues

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Family Law

Divorce is often difficult for a lot of reasons, whether kids are involved, or a married couple is unsure how their finances will be affected by this major decision. However, some people find themselves involved in particularly difficult divorces, especially when contentious family law matters such as custody disputes, property division, child support or alimony are at the center of heated debates. Moreover, some people may think that newlyweds are more or less immune to these challenges since their marriage has not lasted very long, but this is certainly not always the case.

If you recently tied the knot and are facing a divorce, you may have a lot of uncertainty and emotional baggage resulting from your divorce. You may be heartbroken or even embarrassed, especially if your family and friends contributed to the wedding or were expecting you to remain happily married. However, you should prioritize your best interests and, if you have kids, their best interests too. In fact, many newlywed couples have children in the picture, which can give rise to various family law concerns.

It is best to work through whatever family law issue you are struggling with carefully. You should have a clear understanding of the different options that may be open to you. You might have the ability to keep in touch with your spouse and work together, or things may be very heated between the two of you and you may have to work through your divorce without any contact with your spouse. Please browse through our law firm’s website to read more about various aspects of family law.



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