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How child support agreements cover your child’s health insurance

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It’s no secret that medical bills can be expensive. When you’re a single parent, you’re not only responsible for your health but also the health of your child. That sometimes mean paying twice as much in healthcare costs. This can create a financial hardship for any household.

One way that Florida helps mitigate healthcare costs for single parents is requiring a provision in every child support agreement. Healthcare is essential and it’s not fair for one parent to shoulder the burden.

How to set healthcare costs in your agreement

To include healthcare costs in your support order, the costs of the care must be reasonable. Florida considers healthcare costs reasonable when they do not exceed five percent of your income. For example, if you make $70,000 in gross income in a year, the costs must remain under $3,500 to qualify as reasonable. That also means remaining under that five percent even if you have multiple children.

Additionally, your child’s healthcare must be accessible. Accessible, in this context, simple means that your child’s health insurance is usable in the county of their primary residence or another agreed upon county. If the custody of your child or children is joint, then their insurance must be usable in the counties of both parents’ residences.

A court may also order your co-parent to reimburse you for any additional healthcare costs. If your child has medical or prescription expenses not covered by your insurance provider, the court may also order your co-parent to reimburse you a percentage of those expenses as well.

Caring for your child or children is the duty of both parents even if you are no longer with the other parent. Florida law does its best to ensure that both parents contribute to their children’s healthcare costs fairly. Rolling in the costs of healthcare into the child support payments is an easy way to help cover the cost of your child’s health insurance.



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