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Ending a child support order early

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Child support is a common expense for many parents. You may know that most child support orders end on your child’s 18th birthday. There are circumstances where a child support order persists beyond their 18th birthday, such as continuing care for a condition the child may have or owing past due payments.

Similarly, not all child support orders remain in effect until your child’s 18th birthday. There are several reasons that an agreement can end before that time in Florida.

A few reasons your child support order may end before your child can legally vote includes:

  • A court emancipating your child.
  • The marriage of your son or daughter.
  • Your child enlisting in any branch of the military.
  • Change in circumstances, such as you receiving primary custody of your child.

Ultimately, the length of a custody agreement depends on the uniqueness of your situation. Not everyone will have a child with an ongoing disability that requires support beyond their teenage years just like most children will not receive an emancipation that ends the order early.

The courts want whats best for your child like you do

It’s to remember that the courts base all custody and child support decisions on what they believe as the best interest of the child. That means doing their best to ensure that your child has their physical, emotional and educational needs met. That often includes monetary support until your child becomes a legal adult to make sure that these things happen.



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