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How can I handle back to school with my ex?

With August almost here, you're probably gearing up for the start of the new school year. This can be a difficult time for divorced parents, who will need to work in conjunction to ensure their kids remain on schedule this year. To help you get by, Lifehacker recommends the following tips. 

Back child support and your reputation

Those who have fallen behind on their child support payments may have many things to worry about, from the threat of being taken into custody to the financial ramifications associated with delinquency. Moreover, they may be unable to leave the country as well. However, there are many other challenges that people who have failed to stay caught up on their child support may face, such as a damaged reputation (which can hurt one’s life in more ways than one).

How can I improve my co-parenting strategy?

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is properly nurtured and supported on his journey through life. This can be somewhat difficult after a divorce since you'll probably need to make important parenting decisions with your ex's input. According to Parents Magazine, devising a sound parenting strategy is possible, provided you following these helpful tips. 

Ending a child support order early

Child support is a common expense for many parents. You may know that most child support orders end on your child’s 18th birthday. There are circumstances where a child support order persists beyond their 18th birthday, such as continuing care for a condition the child may have or owing past due payments.

How child support agreements cover your child's health insurance

It’s no secret that medical bills can be expensive. When you’re a single parent, you’re not only responsible for your health but also the health of your child. That sometimes mean paying twice as much in healthcare costs. This can create a financial hardship for any household.

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