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How a prenup can help couples who don’t get divorced

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Most people don’t want to think about divorce, especially not engaged couples who are about to get married. In the past, many states did not even allow for prenuptial agreements to exist, fearing that the agreements themselves might encourage divorce.

Today, prenuptial agreements are losing their stigma, and more and more couples are signing an agreement before they get married. Prenuptial agreements can be extremely prudent, and modern agreements often cover financial situations that affect couples even if they never get divorced. Here are a few of the concerns that a prenuptial agreement can cover in the state of Florida.

Division of property

While we typically think about this in terms of divorce, a prenup can also cover division of property in case of death. For example, if you have a family heirloom that you want to remain with your birth family after death, you can specify this request in a prenup.

Division of debt

It is a good idea to account for one another’s debt before you get married. This can prevent creditors from going after marital property for debt that is only in one of the spouse’s name.

Provisions for your estate plan

A prenuptial agreement can be a part of ensuring that your estate plan is carried out the way you intend it to. You may put a provision in a prenuptial agreement that sets aside an inheritance for children of a previous marriage, or you may want to pass down your family business without having to worry about an ex-spouse claiming the rights to your business.

Getting a prenuptial agreement

Though it may not be the most romantic sentiment, discussing a prenuptial agreement with your spouse may save you both financial stress in the future. If you are thinking about working out a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot, you should consult a lawyer to help make sure that the agreement addresses all your concerns and is as airtight as possible.



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