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Does social media have a negative impact on marriage?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2019 | Family Law

People use social media for all sorts of reasons, from staying in touch with friends and family to pursuing hobbies and interests they hold dear. Along with these positive uses, some couples also complain about the negative impact that social media, including platforms like Facebook and Instagram, have on their marriages. Thrive Global explains a few of the ways social media use can harm a relationship. 

Social media is known to foster jealousy in general. You often hear stories about people feeling inadequate when seeing how fulfilled and exciting other people’s lives appear to be online. Jealousy can also be spurred by a partner’s actions online, whether that entails liking another person’s photos or interacting in a way that appears flirtatious or inappropriate. When surveyed, many users of Facebook echo these sentiments. In one study, 10.3% of those polled claimed they routinely checked their partner’s profiles to look for transgressions. 16% also claimed that seeing their partner’s actions online increased their jealousy. 

Many people worry about the ease of carrying on an affair using social media. Platforms provide access to numerous people, including ex-partners. What often starts out innocently can quickly devolve into inappropriate behavior, all from the comfort of a person’s home. This is not to say that social media can be blamed for infidelity when it occurs. It does offer more opportunities to be unfaithful, which is extremely damaging to a marriage already in trouble. 

Many people also have fears about actions taking place in secret. For example, a cheating spouse can easily make an alternate profile to be used for flirting or carrying on virtual affairs. Discovering these hidden profiles can be devastating, and in many cases will lead to the demise of a marriage. 



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