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What constitute legitimate child support expenditures?

As a divorced Florida parent, you no doubt rely on the monthly child support payments your former spouse sends you to help you cover the bills and expenses of child rearing. But have you ever wondered what all you can spend child support on?

FindLaw explains that you can spend child support on virtually anything that benefits your children. In other words, child support money can go for far more than merely your children’s basic essential needs.

Housing expenses

Naturally, housing represents one of your children’s basic needs. But since they live with you, you can spend part of your child support money on the following:

  • Your kids’ percentage of whatever mortgage or rent payment you make each month
  • Their percentage of your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance premiums
  • Their percentage of the monthly utility bills you pay
  • Their percentage of the money you must spend for home upkeep and/or maintenance

Car expenses

Transportation likewise constitutes one of your children’s basic needs. Since you likely provide most, if not all, of your children’s transportation, you can spend part of your child support on the following:

  • Your kids’ percentage of whatever monthly car payment you make
  • Their percentage of the auto insurance premiums you pay
  • Their percentage of the expenses necessary to maintain your car, such as its tires, gas, oil, fluids, etc.
  • Their percentage of any car repair expenses you encounter

Nonessential needs

In all likelihood, your child support money goes much further than that required to provide for your children’s basic needs. Consequently, feel free to spend it on their various school expenses, including such things as uniforms, activity fees, extracurricular sports activities, supplies, etc.

And don’t forget your children’s fun. You can legitimately spend your child support money on such things as movies, amusement parks, eating out, and all the other things your kids enjoy. You can also spend it to help defray summer camp or vacation costs.

Bottom line, anything you spend your child support money on that directly benefits your kids represents a legitimate use of child support. This is general educational information and not intended to provide legal advice.

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