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How can I create a summer vacation schedule for my kids?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2019 | Child Custody

Summer in Florida is a great opportunity for parents to take their kids on family vacations or simply increase bonding experiences. For divorced parents, making decisions about summer vacation schedules can be tough, especially when your divorce was contentious. Parenting offers the following tips on how you and your ex can put your kids first when planning summer schedules. 

Keep in mind that your kids will pick up on any discontent between you and your ex. That’s why all decisions should be made with your child’s best interests in mind. Schedule activities your children enjoy, whether that entails sports or spending time at a summer camp. If your ex makes different plans for their time together, refrain from badmouthing their efforts. This will only increase worry among your children and take away from fun summer activities. 

Also, don’t fight your ex over seemingly minor matters. Some divorced parents fall into the trap of arguing simply because they don’t want the other to have any authority over child-rearing matters. As long as your child is safe and in good hands when with the other parent, you shouldn’t criticize things they do together for fun. Instead, encourage your child and your ex to spend quality time together. This is especially true if the other parent lives some distance away. 

In this case, it’s likely your child doesn’t get many opportunities to spend extended periods with your ex. While you should definitely consider the age of your kids and their willingness to spend time away from home, an extended trip with the non-custodial parent is a great chance strength parent-child bonds. Even spending a long weekend with the other parent can be greatly enriching for your child. 



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