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What should I not do during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2019 | Family Law

Divorce is rarely easy, even when both parties agree on major issues like custody and asset division. That’s why it’s important for couples in Florida to take the proper steps during the uncoupling process. Live About offers the following tips on how you can successfully navigate your divorce.

Communication is crucial

Parenting with an ex can be difficult, but when one person refuses to communicate it’s downright impossible. Barring physical or emotional abuse during the marriage, there is no reason to refuse to communicate with an ex when kids are involved. If resentment is still an issue relegate all conversations to family matters alone. You can also make use of texting or email, which is less stressful than face to face communication.

Blame gets you nowhere

It’s rare that the end of a marriage is the sole responsibility of one person. That’s why blame is not recommended, as it only increases ill-will. Instead, consider the feelings of your ex before lashing out or verbally attacking the person. Also, take time to think about your role in the marriage. It’s good to accept responsibility for any errors on your part so you can work on yourself.

Don’t seek revenge

Divorce court provides help to couples in the area of child custody, visitation, and separation of assets. It shouldn’t be used as a means of revenge, especially when kids are involved. Divorces are often expensive and drawing out the process will only increase these costs. Custody disputes can also be tough on kids, so it’s best to make decisions in their best interest and comply with the orders of the court.



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