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What is durational alimony?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Alimony

If you are divorcing in Florida, there will be many things you have to decide. The court also has important decisions to make regarding the end of your marriage and where you go from here. A large part of all the decisions deals with finances. You have to untangles years’ worth of purchases, income, savings and other financial holdings. The court also needs to consider how you both will move forward financially. This is where alimony may come in.

There are a few different types of alimony. One of those is durational. The Florida Statutes explain durational alimony is awarded when permanent alimony is not appropriate. Permanent alimony is something the court will impose if you or your spouse will not be able to take care of basic financial needs after the divorce due to a lack of ability.

Durational alimony continues only for a set time. This is usually a short period. It is not ongoing support. The court bases it on the length of your marriage. The duration can never be longer than the amount of time you were married. The court cannot change the duration unless there is a rare issue that prompts it. However, it can end if you remarry or if one of you passes away.

It is also possible for a change in circumstances to bring about the end of the alimony payments. The court can modify the amount paid for durational alimony. The main idea is this type of alimony is not intended to sustain you financially forever. It is to help you get on your feet after the divorce. This information is educational and is not legal advice.



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