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How can I prepare for an adoption home study?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2019 | Family Law

Adopting a child in Florida is a very exciting time for your entire family. However, you may have anxiety about the home study portion of the process, which entails a social worker visiting your home and interviewing your family. offers the following information on home studies so you can be properly prepared for yours.

Make sure you have the right documents

Adoptions are complex processes. As a result, you’ll be asked to provide a variety of documents. Some documents that may be requested by your social worker include birth and marriage certificates, employment verification, proof of life and health insurance, documents related to homeownership, results of criminal background checks, and references. Make sure you have the items prepared ahead of time to expedite the home study process.

Be prepared to ask questions

Both you and your spouse will be interviewed for the home study. Interviews include questions that will assess your ability to care for a child as well as determine your goals for the adoption. Potential questions may include gender preferences, whether you want to retain a relationship with the birth parents, inquiries into your mental and physical health, why you want to adopt, what type of adoption you’re pursuing, and if you anticipate any problems. You and your spouse will be interviewed together as well as separately.

Get ready for the home visit

This is the most stressful aspect of the home study for many parents. Before the visit, feel free to tidy up your home but stop short of making major alterations. The social worker will be primarily concerned with the safety and function of the home, which is crucial to the health and security of a child. For instance, a social worker may ask questions about your fire safety preparations. These should include working fire alarms on each floor of your home, as well as things like fire extinguishers in the kitchen. Also, make sure you have a fire safety plan in the event you and your family need to evacuate your home. The social worker will also do a physical inspection of the home, including your new child’s room.  



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