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What should single parents know about discipline?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2019 | Child Custody

It’s no secret; being a single parent is tough. Along with all of the practical and financial concerns, you’ll also need to worry about properly disciplining your child to keep her on the straight and narrow. Live About offers the following tips to help single parents navigate the subject of discipline.

Set firm boundaries

Children tend to thrive when they have clear boundaries. It’s up to you to impose these boundaries and to create consequences if they’re broken. For instance, if your child fails to do chores or neglects school work, you must follow-through on the appropriate punishment. Not only will this make your child feel secure, it will also empower him to make his own choices regarding his behaviors.

Make certain behavioral traits known

Some behaviors are ingrained deep within a person. In this case, behavior modification is key. You can use certain tools to help your child identify and change problematic behaviors. A task chart is great in this regard. This will provide a visual reminder to your child, while also offering motivation to change. After so many instances of praiseworthy behavior, you can offer your child a treat or a reward for her good deeds.

Redirect your child’s attention

Younger kids may not respond as well to punishment. Instead, try to redirect their attention when necessary. A child acting out may do so out of curiosity or interest and offering punishments for these actions can lead to further behavioral issues down the line. When a child is playing with something he or she shouldn’t be, redirect to a toy or activity that offers appeal. Doing this again and again will show the child the proper behavior within a certain context.



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