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Preventing divorce from ruining a child’s education

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2018 | Child Custody

When a child’s parents get divorced in Florida, it can take its toll on the child as he or she struggles to cope with the emotions of a vastly changing family dynamic. One of the areas in a child’s life that may be drastically affected by the separation of his or her parents is at school. Dealing with emotions like sadness, anger and confusion can create a distraction and cause a child to struggle to focus and excel. 

According to, parents should work hard to maintain a regular schedule for their child and set aside a designated period each day to help their child complete any homework and educational requirements. They should collaborate with their ex to determine how to best help their child excel and agree upon mutual rules for their child’s educational goals and expectations. While maintaining a constant focus on their child’s growth, parents should make planning their child’s education fun and exciting. says that one of the healthiest things that parents can do to facilitate their child’s ability to cope with a divorce is to keep each parent an active participant in the child’s life. They should also take adequate time to listen to their child’s concerns about the changes that are taking place and how these changes will affect his or her life, home and everyday activities. Providing a listening ear can encourage children to be honest and forthright in sharing their feelings which can help them more effectively digest and process their emotions without turning to other solutions that can be damaging and create lifelong problems. 



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