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Challenges of same-sex divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2018 | Family Law

Same-sex couples in Florida are now able to enjoy the same benefits of marriage as their heterosexual counterparts. Unfortunately, with marriage there also comes the possibility of divorce. While gay couples are free to divorce as well as marry, there are some complications that couples may encounter once they start the process. 

According to CNBC, one of the biggest issues that comes up is the length of marriage vs. the length of the relationship. Some couples have been together for years but their marriage certificate makes it look like they have only been together for a little while. This can factor into decisions such as spousal support, parental rights and asset division. If the divorce proceedings occur in a court setting there may be less of a chance of equal division or support of any kind. Because of this, experts recommend that the best way to make these decisions is through mediation. This allows both parties to work with a neutral party and discuss what each side wants and what is fair. Often this process results in better outcomes and fewer bad feelings. discusses that another smart financial move for same-sex couples is to sign a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. This helps outline exactly how assets and other financial aspects will be handled in the event of divorce. An agreement can also say ahead of time what type of spousal support will be given in the event one party makes less money or stays home to raise children. These documents also help for estate planning purposes.





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