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Alex Rodriguez and ex-wife spar in media over alimony

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Alimony

Alimony and spousal maintenance may be only meant to serve as a temporary form of financial assistance to help a former spouse get back on their feet financially. Thus, one who is obliged to pay such support may feel frustrated is they feel as though their ex-spouse no longer needs it. A drastic change in one’s financial circumstances may also make it difficult for one to meet an alimony obligation. This may prompt a petition to either modify or end such an obligation. It may without saying that such action may be met with contention. 

That is what appears to be the result of former baseball star Alex Rodriguez’s request to lower the monthly payment he currently makes to his ex-wife. Rodriguez reportedly pays her $115,000 every month (a portion of which goes towards supporting the couple’s two daughters). Yet he claims that since his retirement from baseball, his income has been significantly reduced. While he has expressed a willingness to continue to pay child support, Rodriguez claims that his wife is now a rich woman who can support herself. He also has expressed frustration over his perception of also having to support her current fiance and the child they two have together. His ex-wife has responded by claiming that it was Rodriguez himself who requested that she forego work to raise their girls. She also states that she is willing to reduce what he owes, but not to the extent that he wants to. 

When one seeks to modify or eliminate their alimony payments, the burden of proof may fall to them to show that such action is warranted. Making such a case may be much easier if one has the help of an experienced family law attorney to rely on. 



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