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How does Florida law help you receive your owed child support?

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Many parents with sole custody face a former spouse that stops paying required child support payments. Your child needs these payments for their school activities and entertainment, but you require these payments to help provide for your child’s basic needs. How will you sustain yourself or your child without your ex-spouse’s funding?

In Florida, multiple remedies exist to ensure that you receive your court-ordered child support payments. Yet the most important action to take after not receiving payments is speaking with an experienced family law attorney. These attorneys have years of experience surrounding divorced parents and child support, and he or she can help you decide which action to take to quickly obtain your missing payments.

Florida legal action for overdue payments

When an individual avoids paying child support, he or she breaks the law, and collecting the missing support involves filing legal action. Florida laws work diligently to provide you ways to receive your necessary payments quickly through these various legal remedies.

A court may take the following actions after you file a complaint of overdue payments.

  • Deduct the owed payment from your ex-spouse’s paychecks
  • Suspend your ex-spouse’s Florida driver’s license
  • Place a lien on your ex-spouse’s home or property
  • Freeze your ex-spouse’s bank accounts
  • Retain money from your ex-spouse’s tax returns
  • Impose fines or jail time on your ex-spouse

Many custodial parents take legal action against their ex-spouse to obtain child support payments because Florida law can impose strict punishments if payments are not received. It is important to speak with an attorney before dealing with custody support disputes, so that he or she can help you determine which actions to file to receive your proper benefits.



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