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How can I help my child adjust to adoption?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | Family Law

Families in Florida looking to expand their home to a child in need may choose to adopt. When adopting toddlers or older kids, adoptive families should take certain steps to create a smoother transition into their homes. This is especially true when adopting children from overseas, who may find adapting to their new environment extremely rough. Parents magazine offers the following advice in this case, which will ensure your child feels comfortable.

Use soothing contact

Kids that didn’t have a lot of personal contact with caregivers tend to have emotional issues. As a result, it’s important you make soothing contact a large part of your parenting style. With older babies, be sure to hold them as much as possible. With toddlers, offer a lot of reassuring hugs and affection. While your child may still experience emotional issues, healing touch is a good way to convey love and security.

Allow hoarding behaviors

When children are raised in poverty, fears about lack of food are natural. Your child may carry these fears into his or her new living situation and it’s essential that you work through them delicately. For instance, if you find that your child is hoarding food allow the behavior to continue. You can set up space in his or her room for snacks, which will offer reassurance that food is accessible in the new home.

Make your home a safe space

If your child suffers from a sensory disorder or came from an austere, controlled environment, it’s best to be careful when it comes to bright colors and loud patterns. Instead, opt for soothing shades to prevent the child from being overwhelmed. In terms of discipline, treat your child gently. Instead of sending him or her away when being punished keep the child close by. You don’t want to inadvertently foster feelings of isolation that may already be present.



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