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Your home and mortgage in a divorce

When getting divorced, many spouses in Florida want desperately to stay in their homes. Some wish for this for the benefit of providing stability to their children during a time filled with so many other changes. This is certainly a reasonable desire for a legitimate purpose but it may not necessarily be in a person's best interest financially to do this.

How can I better discipline my child as a single parent?

It can be tough for many Florida parents to effectively discipline their children. This is especially true after divorce, when existing behavioral issues may be complicated by the effects of the separation. There are steps you can take to prevent discipline issues from occurring, as explained by VeryWellFamily.com.

How can I help my child adjust to adoption?

Families in Florida looking to expand their home to a child in need may choose to adopt. When adopting toddlers or older kids, adoptive families should take certain steps to create a smoother transition into their homes. This is especially true when adopting children from overseas, who may find adapting to their new environment extremely rough. Parents magazine offers the following advice in this case, which will ensure your child feels comfortable.

How does Florida law help you receive your owed child support?

Many parents with sole custody face a former spouse that stops paying required child support payments. Your child needs these payments for their school activities and entertainment, but you require these payments to help provide for your child’s basic needs. How will you sustain yourself or your child without your ex-spouse’s funding?

What are the benefits of same-sex marriage?

Since 2015, same-sex couples around the country, including Florida, are now able to marry and enjoy all the rights granted to their opposite-sex counterparts. However, if you and your partner are considering getting married, you may still have some confusion about what those rights entail and what benefits the two of you stand to gain if you get married. 

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