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Family law challenges and job loss

When it comes to family law challenges, there are many different hurdles that people may have to work through both during and after their divorce. Moreover, these issues may also have an impact on their lives in other ways, some of which positive and some of which are negative. For example, someone’s job may be affected by family law matters they are facing in a number of ways.

What is a lifestyle analysis?

For divorcing couples in Florida, financial issues are usually tough to navigate. That’s why the financial analysis is so important. Sometimes referred to as a financial affidavit, this document is provided to your legal team to determine things like division of assets and whether alimony is warranted for either spouse. Forbes explains how a lifestyle analysis works and why it’s so important.

How can I choose a guardian for my child?

When thinking about the future, selecting a guardian for your minor child can seem daunting. Along with the unpleasantness of the task, you may feel overwhelmed when faced with choosing a suitable guardian considering the gravity of the situation. In order to make the process a bit easier to manage, Parenting offers the following advice.

How to avoid child support arrear issues

If you make full child support payments on time, it can be frustrating to be told you’re not meeting expectations. But in cases where exes have limited communication with one another, simple miscommunication may easily appear as child support arrears.

What should I know about parallel parenting?

For many divorcing couples in Florida, co-parenting effectively is all but impossible. This is especially true when conflict is high, which can make it challenging for parents to come together to make important decisions on behalf of their kids. Parallel parenting is another option for exes who can’t see eye to eye, as explained by Psychology Today.

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