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What is alimony pendente lite?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Alimony

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse was the primary financial provider in your household in Davie, then you may have reasonable concerns about your ability to support yourself now that you are separated. If the court determines that your current financial situation (as well as the sacrifices you may have made to help further your ex-spouse’s career) warrant it, then you may be awarded alimony once your divorce is final. Yet how about affording everything happening to you in the here and now? 

On top of being contentious (or even downright messy), divorce can also be very expensive. On top of the fees associated with your proceedings, you also need to keep living (and paying for) your daily life. The longer your case is dragged out, the harder it may be to get by without being able to rely on your ex-spouse’s income. If you are unable to quickly secure gainful employment, you might easily find yourself destitute before the conclusion of your divorce proceedings. Thus the need for alimony pendent lite

What is alimony pendente lite? It is spousal support given while a couple is going through a divorce (“pendente lite” is a Latin term meaning “pending the litigation”). The need for such spousal maintenance is typically identified at the commencement of divorce proceedings. Per Section 61.071 of Florida’s Civil Practice and Procedure Code, you can petition the court for such support at any time during your proceedings. If your petition is viewed as being well-founded, then the court may order your ex-spouse to provide you with temporary alimony payments up through the end of your proceedings. It should be noted, however, that being awarded alimony pendente lite is no guarantee that you will also be awarded traditional alimony once your divorce is finalized. 



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