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What is alimony pendente lite?

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse was the primary financial provider in your household in Davie, then you may have reasonable concerns about your ability to support yourself now that you are separated. If the court determines that your current financial situation (as well as the sacrifices you may have made to help further your ex-spouse's career) warrant it, then you may be awarded alimony once your divorce is final. Yet how about affording everything happening to you in the here and now? 

Can I revoke visitation rights if child support isn’t being paid?

In Florida, non-custodial parents are often ordered to pay child support to ensure their offspring remain financially stable. When these payments fail to materialize it can be a frustrating experience, so much so that you may want to withhold visitation until back payments are made. VeryWellFamily.com explains what you can do about unpaid child support and why revoking visitation rights may not be in your, or your child’s, best interests.

Frequently asked questions about adoption

If you’re considering adopting a child in Florida, it’s natural that you’ll have many questions. Bringing a new child into your home is an extensive process to ensure that both you and the child are happy with the arrangement. The following are a few frequently asked questions about adoption, which will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Being the non-custodial parent is still an important role

You have just made the decision to get divorced in Florida and while you are relieved at the thought of having freedom from all of the marital woes of your past, you are concerned about how this change will affect your children. At The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC, we have helped many families to put together a plan for child custody that are beneficial to both parties. 

When is it time to modify visitation?

A divorce is typically a final decision, set in stone. Both spouses continue onto their next phases in life. But when children are involved, it’s different. To keep up with their growth, parenting plans need adjustment.

How is child support calculated?

Both you and your ex are responsible for providing financial care for your children. As a result, the courts in Florida must determine how the non-custodial parent is obligated to pay to cover essential child care costs. TheBalance.com offers information on how child support is calculated so both you and your former spouse are able to remain informed of the process.

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