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Tips on a successful case when seeking sole custody

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2018 | Child Custody

If you’re seeking sole custody of a child in Florida, you’re probably aware of the importance of proving that you’re the better parent. Doing so requires taking certain steps, such as showing that child is well-cared for physically and psychologically. offers the following advice, which can help you establish your case in court.

How to Establish That You’re Concerned About a Child’s Well-Being

The court will look at many different factors to determine what’s best for a child’s well-being. When it comes to physical issues, you’ll want to show that you provide to your child a healthy lifestyle (including things like establishing a good diet and ensuring your child gets enough sleep). In terms of psychological well-being, proving you allow your child to have a healthy relationship with the non-custodial parent can go far.

Understanding the Better Parent Standard

While it may be easy to prove when the other parent is unfit, it’s much harder to show that you deserve sole custody when both parents are on equal footing. To do so you should be familiar with the better parent standard, which entails fostering a healthy child both physically and mentally. When attempting to prove you’re the better parent, refrain from speaking negatively about your ex, as many courts look down upon this (unless there are serious issues related to abuse and neglect).

What Happens When Joint Custody Is Awarded

Despite your best efforts, joint custody may be awarded to you and your ex. This is becoming the standard in more and more court cases, as many courts determine it to be in the best of interest of the child for parents to share custody. In this case devising a parenting plan is highly recommended. One of the major goals of a parenting plan is to figure out a reasonable schedule, which must include schooling and extracurricular activities.  




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