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Same-sex marriage rights equal same divorce rights

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Did you know you and your partner are entitled to the same divorce rights as a heterosexual marriage couple? It is true.

Maybe you were contemplating a divorce. Then you thought twice. You have become accustomed to your lifestyle. A lifestyle that you know will be difficult to maintain on your own because you sacrificed your personal career to make the marriage work. At the time, it was a sacrifice you were willing to make. When you said your marriage vows, you truly thought your marriage would last “until death do us part.”

But now, you want to move on to the next chapter of your life. The good news is you have options. You may not have to change your lifestyle. This is possible as you may be able to seek alimony in your divorce settlement.

Florida is an equal state when it comes to marriage equality. This means spousal support is an option during a same-sex marriage divorce. There are four types of alimony, which include the following: bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational and permanent in nature.

A divorce may end up with multiple forms of alimony. Typically, the courts will evaluate your situation and from there decide which type of alimony to provide you. There are factors that determine which type or types of alimony you may receive:

  • Longevity of your marriage
  • Financial need
  • The role each spouse plays with their child and or amongst each other
  • A spouse’s age

When looking at the financial aspect of a divorce, it is important to know that same-sex spouses are entitled to the same rights as heterosexual spouses. Seeking spousal support is included as one of those rights.



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