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Managing emotions during a custody dispute

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2018 | Child Custody

If you are going through a dispute involving the custody of your children, our law firm completely understands the different concerns you may have and the stressors you may be facing. Whether you feel depressed, are extremely stressed out about what the future may hold or are losing sleep because you are unsure of how to handle your circumstances, custody disputes can be incredibly emotional. However, it is pivotal for you to focus on managing your emotions well. Unfortunately, some people have allowed negative emotions to interfere with their custody dispute, leading to a less favorable outcome.

Custody disputes can leave parents upset with their child’s other parent or lead to a sense of hopelessness, which can be counter-productive. For example, some people may not prepare for court properly or they could send an angry message or exhibit some other type of negative behavior which creates additional problems. By recognizing and addressing any negative emotions you have, you could be able to better prepare yourself for the courtroom. Hard feelings between parents are not uncommon, but some people are able to move forward in a more amicable manner and find an end result that is more favorable for both parties.

Every custody dispute is unique and there may be certain facets of your case that could affect the custody decision. Custody cases can be one of the most challenging facets of family law so you should do all you can to prepare. Our child custody and timesharing page provides more insight for parents in Florida who are struggling with a dispute over custody.



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