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What can I do if my ex won’t pay child support?

It’s up to both parents to provide financially for their children. Unfortunately, many divorces parents in Florida are faced with non-payment of child support, which can greatly hamper a child’s development and well-being. So, what can be done if your ex refuses to pay child support? U.S. New & World Report offers the following advice if you’re faced with a former spouse who is unwilling or unable to remit child support payments.

How long is alimony paid?

Part of many divorces in Florida is the awarding of alimony. Alimony is seen by the court as one party providing financial support to the other party. The court awards it for many reasons. Often, it is to help a spouse who did not work during the marriage or who is at a disadvantage when it comes to earning potential. It largely depends on the length of the marriage as well. Regardless of whether you receive or pay spousal support, you may wonder just how long it will last.

How to develop a parenting plan

Divorce can turn great couples into worst enemies, especially when child custody is involved. However, it’s important for your child’s development that both parents remain in their life and help them grow into a functioning adult.

Managing emotions during a custody dispute

If you are going through a dispute involving the custody of your children, our law firm completely understands the different concerns you may have and the stressors you may be facing. Whether you feel depressed, are extremely stressed out about what the future may hold or are losing sleep because you are unsure of how to handle your circumstances, custody disputes can be incredibly emotional. However, it is pivotal for you to focus on managing your emotions well. Unfortunately, some people have allowed negative emotions to interfere with their custody dispute, leading to a less favorable outcome.

The importance of honesty in prenuptial agreements

The act of composing a Florida prenuptial agreement should be an open and honest process for both spouses-to-be, which includes making sure that the prenup lists whatever assets that are owned by the spouses. A CNBC piece recommends that spouses reveal on their prenups what they currently possess and what they may acquire if they know about it. Trouble can arise when one or both individuals do not list their assets accurately.

Is joint-custody better for kids?

Parents who are separating or going through a divorce are often put to the difficult task of determining custody. While some people are able to negotiate child custody terms on their own, others must put the issue in the hands of a court-appointed judge. Although some people believe that sole-custody may be in the best interest of the children, studies show that joint-custody may be better for a child’s development.

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