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Back child support and international travel

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Child Support

Child support can create a number of challenges in a non-custodial parent’s life, whether they have fallen behind and are worried about the consequences they may face or they are having a hard time staying caught up because their income recently dropped. While many people realize that back child support can be problematic with regard to finances, there are other ways in which falling behind on child support can disrupt a person’s life. Not only do some face the threat of arrest and a shattered reputation in their community, but unpaid child support may prevent someone from traveling abroad.

For those who owe a certain amount of back child support, successfully applying for a U.S. passport will not be possible. Not only can this throw off travel plans that have been in place for months or even years, but it can also be problematic from a business standpoint, such as interfering with a person’s ability to head overseas for work-related purposes. Some people may have to miss a wedding or another family event because of their back child support and custodial parents may also face hardships when they are not receiving what they are owed.

As a result, those who are concerned about making child support payments should look over their options and do what they are able to in order to stay caught up, which may include modifying a child support order. Head over to our law office’s webpage on child support for more with respect to paying child support.



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