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Estate considerations following divorce

There are certain activities in life that Davie residents likely plan on only having to do once. Getting married and writing one's will would like fall on that list. However, divorce may often rend moot the former; indeed, information shared by the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics shows that as recently as 2016, 79,677 divorces occurred in the state. The question then becomes what affect (if any) does divorce have on the latter? 

Back child support and international travel

Child support can create a number of challenges in a non-custodial parent's life, whether they have fallen behind and are worried about the consequences they may face or they are having a hard time staying caught up because their income recently dropped. While many people realize that back child support can be problematic with regard to finances, there are other ways in which falling behind on child support can disrupt a person's life. Not only do some face the threat of arrest and a shattered reputation in their community, but unpaid child support may prevent someone from traveling abroad.

Requesting monitored custody exchanges

While going through a divorce in Davie is certainly difficult, many of the clients that we here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC have worked with have seen this process free them from toxic (and in some cases, even abusive) relationships. If your relationship with your ex-spouse had reached such a point, then you may be relieved to have it behind you. That said, your relationship between him or her may be forced to continue if the two of you have children together. While you may be able to safely maintain your distance from your ex-spouse at most times, situations such as custody exchanges may force you to confront him or her in close quarters. 

Why are you required to pay alimony?

You and your spouse have recently made the decision to get divorced in Florida and now you are faced with the very real possibility of having to pay alimony. This often-necessary payment could be required because of a number of options. Understanding why alimony is recommended and why you are being asked to pay may reduce your frustrations and aid you in reaching a beneficial agreement with the courts. 

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