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What does Florida consider when awarding alimony?

If your Florida marriage is coming to an end, you may have questions and concerns about where you will live, how your life will change and how you are going to support yourself moving forward. You may, too, have questions about whether you will be able to secure, or conversely, have to pay, alimony once the divorce becomes final, and this will ultimately depend on a variety of different factors.

According to the Florida State Legislature, you may be able to receive, or you may have to pay, alimony either periodically, or in a lump-sum format. Furthermore, alimony arrangements can take on a number of different forms, among them bridge-the-gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony, durational alimony and permanent alimony.

In determining whether to award alimony or spousal maintenance to one party or the other in your marriage, Florida courts typically consider many different areas, among them whether there is a genuine need for it. You can anticipate that the courts will examine your marriage with regard to its length, with longer marriages often more likely than shorter ones to end with alimony or spousal support agreements.

Courts will also typically consider the quality of life the two of you enjoyed throughout your marriage to determine whether you will both be able to maintain your lifestyle in the absence of an alimony or spousal support arrangement. Additionally, you can expect the court to examine the earning potential of you and your partner and consider whether one spouse sacrificed a career or education so the other spouse could make professional or educational advancements when making alimony decisions.

While this information about alimony in Florida is informative in nature, it is not a replacement for legal advice.




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