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April 2018 Archives

Detailing the Federal Tax Refund Offset program

On top of signaling the impending arrival of summer, there is another reason why so many in Plantation look forward to springtime: It is tax season! Every year, countless local residents likely anticipate receiving a big check from Uncle Sam. Some may plan to use that money to pay off debts (such as child support arrears). Yet if potential return recipients have no intention of using those funds to fulfill their child support obligations, those who are expecting it need not worry; the law allows for that money to go directly to them. 

Working past the speed bumps of same-sex divorce

Even with the major progress of same-sex marriage legalization in 2015, countless Americans face speed bumps when attempting to separate. For many, laws surrounding divorce were never clearly laid out from the start; for others, living in different states alone has caused issues. As for Florida's laws, same-sex couples who marry also have the rights to divorce. 

What does an adoptive parent look like?

Adoptive parents look no different than anyone else you see every day in Florida. They come from all races and every corner of the world. They might be doctors, teachers or construction workers. Perhaps they live on a ranch. Perhaps they live in a bustling city. While every state does have certain requirements of adoptive parents, such as a steady income and stable home, there are no certain characteristics that you must have to be considered a good match for adopting a child. So what do adoptive parents look like?

Courtroom behavior can influence outcome

There is no question that divorce is an emotional subject. Many couples enter the divorce process confused, angry and upset about a relationship that has them going to court. A dissolving or broken relationship, the stress of a major life change and challenge of court is a whirlwind of activity and it can bring out powerful feelings.

What does Florida consider when awarding alimony?

If your Florida marriage is coming to an end, you may have questions and concerns about where you will live, how your life will change and how you are going to support yourself moving forward. You may, too, have questions about whether you will be able to secure, or conversely, have to pay, alimony once the divorce becomes final, and this will ultimately depend on a variety of different factors.

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