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What is bridge-the-gap alimony?

If you have gone through a divorce in Florida, chances are that the matter of alimony has come up throughout the process. Alimony, a way of providing financial support to a former spouse, can be awarded in various forms based on the length of the marriage and need, and can be either long-term or short-term based on the circumstances. According to the Florida State Legislature, bridge-the-gap alimony is a short-term financial support plan that assists one of the parties while transitioning from being married to being single.

The idea behind bridge-the-gap alimony is that the continued financial support can help you meet needs that are short-term in order to get you back on your feet, while still maintaining a standard of living comparable to that which you had while you were married.

The support will not be given for more than two years and must be accompanied by a specific plan that outlines how the person in need of transition will work towards self-support. This includes being able to pay your living expenses while also redeveloping job skills that you may have used in the past in order to reenter the job market. Bridge-the-gap alimony can also be used towards acquiring new skills, education, training or other methods available to develop credentials.

Bridge-the-gap alimony will cease if either person dies and will no longer be awarded if the person receiving it remarries before the duration ends. It can also be terminated if the person receiving the alimony is not compliant with the plan that has been put in place.

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