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The importance of fathers in a child’s development

When parents separate or file for divorce, they often create a parenting schedule to ensure their children are able to spend time with each parent. While many people in Florida and across the country believe that spending time with both parents is equally important, studies actually show how critical a fathers involvement in a child’s life is to their development. Not only does it affect their ability to do well in school, but it can improve their social, health and wellbeing.

There are a number of studies that give evidence to the fact that children with involved fathers have an advantage over kids who do not see their fathers as often. The Father Involvement Research Alliance, shows that kids who have interactions with their fathers on a regular basis may have a higher self-esteem, are more successful in their careers, have better marriages and are less aggressive.

The U.S. Department of Education performed a study that found children with fathers who were highly involved in their lives were 43 percent more likely to receive A grades in school than children whose fathers were not involved. Furthermore, children with involved fathers were less likely to be depressed and have behavioral problems. Children have more advanced social skills, better general health and are psychologically advanced when they have consistent interactions with their dads.

As parents customize their parenting schedule, it is important to keep in mind the child’s best interests. Although each case has unique circumstances, ensuring the child has significant time with both the mother and father is often beneficial for the child.



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