As you prepare for your divorce in Plantation, your thoughts will inevitably turn to the continued care and support of your kids. Many in your same situation have come to us here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC asking who is responsible for their children’s medical expenses. The answer to that question depends on the unique circumstances of your case. 

Many view child support as a “zero sum game,” meaning that between you and your ex-spouse, only one of you is perceived to be disadvantaged by it. Yet it is important to remember that court can require both parents to pay child support in amounts equal to the portion of the household income they contributed to while married. The same principle of shared responsibility applies with healthcare costs. Per the Florida Senate, both you and your spouse may be required to carry health insurance for your children if such coverage is available to both of you at a reasonable cost. The state defines “reasonable cost” as not exceeding 5 percent of your gross income. Availability may be determined on your ability to get group plan coverage through your employer or coverage through a plan available through the health insurance marketplace. 

For those costs not covered by health insurance, your respective responsibility for them is equal to the portion of household income you contribute. For example, if you contributed 65 percent of the income during your marriage, then that is amount of non-covered or out-of-pocket costs you must pay. In the case of a $500 medical bill, that would be $325. The remaining balance must then be paid by your ex-spouse. 

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