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The problems that persist with gay marriage laws in florida

Just as society is constantly changing, the regulations and laws that surround it often require adjustment. The 2015 Supreme Court legalizing of gay marriage reshaped countless lives, and made marriage possible for all. Yet, as with any law, this change encompassed small details that made same-sex marriage more complex than it may have seemed. Despite these complexities, some same-sex couples in Floridia wishing to divorce have pushed through the challenges to move on with their lives.

A piece from the Sun Sentinel examined those details found in same-sex marriage legalization, finding that, although legalization has long been under way, a state law banning unions is nevertheless part of the fine print. With the combination of proposed repeals and other bans, some pastors could refuse to marry same-sex partners in the future. This move, known as the “pastor protection” act, is praised by conservatives who argue for the priority of ministers and churches in these situations. Regardless of which side lawmakers take on the matter, it is apparent that the topic is a monumental one deserving of careful time and consideration.

The tensions may still be high in regards to same-sex marriage in Florida, but conservative lawmakers are not the only group with advantages; according to the Tampa Bay Times, same-sex couples across the state have the right to same-sex divorce. Until early 2015, the Times shared that gay couples found themselves in a legal conundrum often called “wed-lock.” Because those couples had married in other states — an act Florida deemed illegal at the time — they could not divorce in the Sunshine State. And just as the state has seen an influx in gay marriages, some officials expect to see a considerable number of same-sex divorces in the future, as well. Whether it is marriage, divorce, child custody or visitation rights, lawmakers in Florida are realizing that a successful system is one that applies equally to all citizens, regardless of sexual orientation or status. 








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