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January 2018 Archives

The familiar struggle of alienated grandparents

Depending on the family situation, the role of grandparent can take on many different meanings. For some, it can mean taking full custody of grandchildren, while for others the main pursuit is simply spending more quality time together. Although grandparent rights have long existed in Florida, some grandparents in the state nevertheless struggle to see their own family members.

Maintaining that special grandparent/grandchild bond

Whether they live near you in Florida, in the same house or across the nation, the bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren are special. If you are a grandparent, you already know this and you probably anticipated your first grandchild as much as you did your own first child.

New year means new state laws for couples divorcing with children

Couples divorcing in Florida have a new state law to take into consideration as they proceed with their plan to dissolve a marriage. The goal of the 2018 family law mandates is to bring unified decision making based on the best interest of the child. The law will impact time-sharing (custody) agreements, as well as revising the payment process for child support. These changes come as a result of years of deliberation within the area of family law. The plan put forth expects to help legally separated or divorcing parents, manage the new changes ahead.

Keeping children in mind during divorce

Divorce can be stressful for any Floridian, but for the average resident in particular, such a process can be mentally, physically and financially taxing. This is especially true for many who have children, as deciding child custody arrangements can take a considerable amount of time and dedication. Some parents refuse to accept court orders for visitation. Others abuse their privileges by keeping a child longer than permitted. Child custody tensions can open the door for extremely difficult times, but above all else, they can make matters worse for the children themselves. 

Cheating is not the top cause of divorce. Surprised?

We have all seen that movie where we cannot wait to see the cheating spouse get caught. The Hollywood portrayal of divorce often showcases infidelity as one of the leading explanations as to why marriages come to an end. While reasons can vary from couple to couple, communication breakdown is the most common cause of divorce--and is a widely prevalent theme in most of the other reasons that lead a marriage to end.

Common law marriage rights in Florida

Your decision to cohabitate with your romantic partner in Plantation rather than to marry is one that is becoming increasingly shared throughout the rest of the U.S. You may have a valid reason not to marry, yet you should also be aware that not doing so could deprive you and/or your partner of certain spousal rights (regardless of whether or not you consider him or her to be your spouse). Many have come to us here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC unaware of this fact (and only after having encountered a situation that revealed it). This may prompt you to ask whether Florida recognizes common law marriages at all. 

The problems that persist with gay marriage laws in florida

Just as society is constantly changing, the regulations and laws that surround it often require adjustment. The 2015 Supreme Court legalizing of gay marriage reshaped countless lives, and made marriage possible for all. Yet, as with any law, this change encompassed small details that made same-sex marriage more complex than it may have seemed. Despite these complexities, some same-sex couples in Floridia wishing to divorce have pushed through the challenges to move on with their lives.

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