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License check reveals arrest warrant for unpaid child support

There may be a number of misconceptions that many in Plantation may share about the payment of child support. The first may be that it is only owed by divorced dads. The truth is that women can be ordered to pay child support just as easily as men. In Florida, the non-custodial parent (whether that be the mom or the dad) is required to pay a portion of a family’s basic child support obligation based upon his or her contribution to the net monthly income shared between the two parents. Another misconception about child support is that those who owe it can easily get away with not paying it. 

The recent case of a Michigan woman serves to disprove that notion. Law enforcement authorities found her working with a tow truck driver to remove her vehicle from a ditch. Per procedure they ran a check on her drivers’ license, which ended up revealing that her driving privileges had been suspended. Another surprise also awaited them: An arrest warrant had been issued against the woman for failing to pay child support. The accident ordeal ended with her being arrested. 

An arrest is one of many ways authorities may enforce a child support obligation. Suspending one’s driver’s license is another common tactic (in this particular case, it was not clarified whether or not the suspension of the woman’s license was due to her child support arrears). Those owed child support can also petition the court to have an obligee’s wages or tax return garnished. Anyone needing to initiate any one of these types of enforcement actions may wish to first speak with an attorney to discuss their options. 

Source: “Woman arrested on warrant after car crash” Kent, AnnMarie, Dec. 29, 2017



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