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Adopting from foster care in florida

While many Floridians who are family planning are aware that adoption agencies exist in the state, not all are familiar with the process. Welcoming a foster child into a permanent family can be a joyous period of life, but also an overwhelming one. It can be difficult to help a new family member adapt to everyday routines; on top of the tedious process of adopting from foster care, new environments can seem daunting for a child. Nevertheless, adequate time and care can make that transition go all the smoother.

In a 2015 article on adopting from foster care, Today news revered the gradual shifting in attitudes toward foster care in the country. With over 100,000 children in America currently awaiting forever homes, this observation is, indeed, one to celebrate. Even though a large number of Americans hold the misconception that those from foster care are unruly and even dangerous juvenile delinquents, Today reminds its readers that these children often come from neglect and abuse. With that said, it is important that parents avoid taking on more than they can handle — just one child in any situation requires critical work and commitment.

Each state contains its own laws regarding adoptions from foster care. AdoptUSKids, a national project dedicated to the support of child welfare systems, provides a summary of foster care and adoption guidelines in Florida. The following are some of the requirements for those looking to adopt in the state:

  • Completion of Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting Course training (PRIDE)
  • Successful completion of a homestudy
  • Payment of fees and additional paperwork
  • Completed background check

All of these requirements may seem mundane, but can ultimately help agencies place children with suitable families. When a child finds the right permanent home, they can have the comfort of knowing they will receive quality care, attention, social interaction and other joys of life that help children grow to their fullest potential.  








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