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License check reveals arrest warrant for unpaid child support

There may be a number of misconceptions that many in Plantation may share about the payment of child support. The first may be that it is only owed by divorced dads. The truth is that women can be ordered to pay child support just as easily as men. In Florida, the non-custodial parent (whether that be the mom or the dad) is required to pay a portion of a family's basic child support obligation based upon his or her contribution to the net monthly income shared between the two parents. Another misconception about child support is that those who owe it can easily get away with not paying it. 

Ways To Help Your Kids Adjust To Visitation

Children are better adjusted if they have parenting time with each parent. If your ex-spouse states discouragement that visits aren't going so well, brainstorm together about what could be done to improve the situation. Toys and entertaining activities may pacify a child for a time, but continuity between both houses can give your children the structure they need to feel secure. It is hard work to craft a visitation routine that works, but the effort will benefit your children immensely.

Sharing custody time on holidays

For divorced families, the holiday season can be difficult. Tensions between parents can often contribute to a toxic atmosphere that can spoil the festivities for all. Some might suggest that it is best to avoid such tension and only allow children to spend the holidays with one parent. Yet recent studies imply that line of thinking may be wrong. Research data shared by Time Magazine shows that kids who live and spend equal time with both parents report far fewer psychosomatic health problems than those who do not. 

Returning to work after your divorce

Securing a spousal support obligation is just the first part to getting back to enjoying your pre-divorce quality of life. Many of the clients that we here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC have worked with in Plantation fall into the trap of thinking that they can live off alimony for the rest of their lives. Yet in many cases, alimony is only meant to be a temporary solution. It is up to you to put yourself in a position where you do not have to rely on it any more. 

Adopting from foster care in florida

While many Floridians who are family planning are aware that adoption agencies exist in the state, not all are familiar with the process. Welcoming a foster child into a permanent family can be a joyous period of life, but also an overwhelming one. It can be difficult to help a new family member adapt to everyday routines; on top of the tedious process of adopting from foster care, new environments can seem daunting for a child. Nevertheless, adequate time and care can make that transition go all the smoother.

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